One area of focus of our notary’s consulting and service offering is corporate and commercial law.

Based on many years of experience and expertise, we design and practice the entire range of corporate and business law activities. This includes the preparation, drafting and implementation of extensive company purchase agreements, whether in the form of share or asset deals, or even share pledges and restructuring. We are familiar with all forms under the German Transformation Act (Umwandlungsgesetz), such as mergers – including cross-border mergers -, de-mergers or changes of legal form, as well as with the competent notarial support of annual general meetings.

We draft and provide support for the formation of companies as partnerships or corporations, the amendment and rewriting of articles of association, naturally including capital measures, and the admission of new partners, but also the exclusion of partners from the initial idea to the entry in the commercial register.

We draft and submit all necessary declarations and documentation to the commercial register, such as commercial register applications, certificates, lists of partners. We also obtain apostilled documents where necessary and arrange for other legalisations.

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The notary’s office of Kroos & Kollegen provides comprehensive advice to its domestic and foreign clients on corporate law. This includes in particular the formation and transactions of corporations (GmbH, Unternehmergesellschaft and Aktiengesellschaften). We also provide advice on amendments to articles of association and capital measures, which is concluded with the notarization and execution of the respective measure.

Mergers and other measures under the German Transformation Act (Umwandlungsgesetz) are carried out safely and quickly after detailed consultation.

The necessary registrations with the commercial register are made for all company forms.

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Another mainstay of our notarial advisory and structuring services is inheritance law and succession planning.

In order to prepare a tailor-made, family-oriented succession of assets, transfers in anticipated succession, also from a tax perspective, are part of forward-looking planning. We draft transfer agreements that are in line with the interests of our clients, which, on the one hand, favour the future heirs and, on the other hand, take into account the security interests of the transferors and secure them by usufructuary rights, care obligations, rights of reclaim or life annuities.

The drafting of wills and inheritance contracts, naturally also taking into account foreign nationality and foreign assets, avoids disputes in the event of inheritance and ensures family peace. Careful succession planning ensures the continued existence of assets and the future of small and large companies. We advise and support succession planning with great expertise and experience. This also includes the design of foundation solutions, such as the establishment of foundations among the living or on account of death or of endowments and contributions to existing charitable institutions.

Once the inheritance has occurred, our range of services includes the handling and settlement of the estate. We draw up and notarise inheritance distribution agreements for the implementation of the testator’s will as well as agreements on the sale of inherited property. We also assist in mediating the dispute among the heirs. The notarisation of applications for certificates of inheritance and applications for executorships are just as much part of our tasks as all necessary corrections to land registers and commercial registers.


The tasks of a notary are comprehensive and can hardly be presented conclusively. The following overview therefore contains only a selection of further competences of Kroos I Kollegen

  • Advice and notarisation of marriage contracts and agreements on the consequences of divorce, preventive powers of attorney and living wills, compulsory portion and inheritance waiver agreements as well as the disclaimer of inheritance.
  • Advice on the formation of non-profit limited liability companies and associations.
  • Establishment of (charitable) foundations